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5 out of 5 stars


5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Great experience with the staff here, as soon as you walk in you are welcomed by the receptionists. The environment is very clean, comfortable and bright. Therapists and their assistants ensure that all clients receive excellent care and are very professional and thorough with their work. Overall phenomenal service and care provided, they are all very knowledgeable and thoughtful. They are also very well equipped facility to treat multiple different conditions and always use the one that is best fit for the patient for a speedy recovery. Highly recommend this location for your therapy needs.

Nicole Devonish
Nicole Devonish

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 days ago

Physiocare is great. Friendly, gentle and they listen to my concerns I'm happy with all the help they give me and the easy exercises I can do at home

Stephen Maksymetz
Stephen Maksymetz

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I first started attending the clinic in September, as a result of an injury I received while working. Ultimately the problem will be resolved by surgery in May. However the clinic and its personnel were instrumental in relieving the pain and discomfort I was in. Additionally they really helped to increase the range of motion in my arm. I was worked on by Gadda and "G". Both very expert and knowledgeable people when it comes to assessing and rehabilitating an injury. These folks are my go to people when Im injured or need treatment.

Yvonne Brand
The moment I walk through the door, I am greeted by Karens smile. From there Ghada, Roxy and Sandra take such good care of me. I would recommend this clinic to anyone in need of the best physio or massage. The staff are all very knowledgeable and very caring.


Karen Vangogh
I started therapy a few weeks ago and have already started to see a better range of motion in my frozen shoulder. All the staff are friendly and professional. I would highly recommend the clinic and Ghada.


Vincent Fournier
Friendly and helpful staff. I wish I had come here years ago. Feel so much better now.


Kathy Barton
I have had great experiences at Physiocare. The service is great and the people are even better. 3 out of my 4 immediate family members get treatment from Physiocare and everyone has been very pleased and feeling great.

Debbie Milliard-Lander
Sindu Parimi is a great psysio therapist. I highly recommend her to anyone. My Husband and I have her and she is kind, helpful and great for our needs.


Sadhana Patel
My Family doctor referred me to physiocare because of my shoulder pain . From the first session , I loved that place . Every body working in this clinic is very kind helpful and cooperative . My physiotherapistis , Ghada Shendy is such nice lady , knowledgeable and professional . She explained to me my condition and treatment plan in the first visit. I love her and love her service . After 4 sessions only I felt huge difference. I was Suffering with bad pain on my shoulders and back, now OMG I am almost pained .I am so happy to go there. Everyone who works there is like family members they’re so good personalities . Place also clean and with many amazing machines like Shocke wave and Laser TherapyThanks my Family doctor Nemer for referring me to physio are and Thanks Ghada Shandy& staff. Highly recommended for anyone looking for treatment for pain.


Abdulrahman Ahmed
Physio care is the best place I have ever been. They are working very hard and make patient feel happy. They have the perfect tools used in this field ; shockwave ; Graston ; Bioflex Laser Therapy and decompression Traction .I have been with this clinic almost 2 years. I used to have pain in my back like crazy, (sometimes I can’t sleep at night). I have seen a great physiotherapist ; Dr. Ghada ; she is the best physiotherapist I have ever seen . She has special technique to deal with the pain. Now I am almost back to normal with no pain . Also, I have seen a chiropractor ; Dr.Amanda Stacey . She is amazing . All the four massage therapists there are perfect ; however no body like Roxy. I highly recommend this clinic for any body suffering from pain and looking for a highly professional place !


Mohammad Ettouhami
Great service, definitely saw improvements within the first few treatments and now I’m back to playing sports. The physio took the time to explain my injury and treatment plan step by step so I understood exactly what we needed to do to reach my goals. I am confident in the clinics services and am looking forward to my next visit soon.

Muhammad Yahya
I had lower back pain for last two years. It was very difficult for me to stand up. I came to physio care where I met with highly professional people. Dr Ghada the most senior lady, she treated me in such a way that I am almost recovered now. Special thanks to Dr. Jamal and Dr. Ghana who took care of me like a family member and their professional team. I believe they are the best.


Theodora Guerguess
My experience at Physio Care Physiotherapy Center has been at great one! The staff is so nice,and welcoming. Their experienced physiotherapists, latest techniques as well as their latest technological devices made me improve in no time. Their aim is focused on minimizing the pain and maximizing the mobility of the patient.
A thank you wouldn’t be enough to show my gratitude towards such a great experience with an amazing team. They are definitely the best!

Aimee McClenaghan
I love going to Amanda the Chiro who is always on time and very thorough in our appointments and I never feel rushed. I also loved the fact that the office does direct billing to my insurance company.


Meaghan Hanlon
I am so lucky to have found Physio Care! I have been dealing w plantar fascitis & heel pain & I was desperate to find somewhere that was open around my late work hours. The manager Gamal & staff are so welcoming & accomodating & direct billing has been so convenient. My physiotherapist Sindhu is an absolute gem! I have never worked w someone so knowledgeable, caring and determined to provide relief as soon as possible! She diagnosed my issues and has set up an action plan to get me pain free. They have so many services under one location and I’ll be returning for all my needs. Great job Physio Care!


Gay Duncan
2 years ago, I was diagnosed with Scleroderma, a rare autoimmune and connective tissue disease. The disease came on hard and fast, even the specialist I was seeing was shocked at how rapidly it progressed. Scleroderma means “thick hard skin”. It is an overproduction of collagen. Collagen is an essential part of the tissues that connect our skin to our bones, tendons and cartilage to bones. But too much collagen is a very, very bad thing. A specialist recommended I seek physiotherapy to try to stimulate the skin. PhysioCare was the 4th place I called, and the first one that had even heard of the disease. Gamal told me that though they had no patients with Scleroderma, they would try to help me if I was willing to try as well. I was, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Scleroderma affects each person with the disease differently. For me, it is mostly skin and joints, with the worst areas being my hands and arms. When I first went to see Ghada at PhysioCare, my hands were very swollen and I was barely able to bend or straighten my fingers, and the skin on my left wrist was so tight and hard that I couldn’t move it up or down, or rotate it at all. The skin in my lower and upper arms were also thick and hard. My left elbow was constantly bent and the pain was constant and at times excruciating. My right hand and arms were marginally better.

I’ve been seeing Ghada for 2 years now and she has really improved my physical (and emotional) state. There is currently no known cure for SD, but thanks to PhysioCare, I have had much improvement in my strength, energy and range of motion. The care and attention I get from Ghada and her team is second to none. They are truly special people.

I am eternally grateful to Ghada and the rest of the warm and friendly staff at PhysioCare.


Elizabeth Leduke
I was referred by my family doctor for tennis elbow. The staff are very friendly and helpful. They make sure you feel welcome and confortable. There are many treatments offered by knowledgeable staff.

Aminata Sylla
My friend told me about physio care, since on year they treated her from severe planter fasciastis that caused a lot of pain in her feet. When I had an injury in one of ligaments of my knee, I visited physio care. From the first session I realized how this clinic might be the best physiotherapy clinic I have visited ever.A full assessment, clear treatment plan and explanations for all the modalities they use.The physiotherapist spends with me at least on hour every time very professional, knowledgeable and kind to a degree you feel it’s your home.They used with me Shockwave therapy, Gaston technique, laser therapy. Ghana, Sindhuri and Nivirt are probably the best physiotherapist I met. I strongly recommend physiocare for any body needs treatment for pain.


jason shank
Excellent experience, I felt substantial relief upon my second visit, continuing my therapy here with experienced and curtious staff, I was very skeptical that I would get any pain relief after multiple attemps to fix my issues myself with internet therapies, I was wrong, my therapist Nirvit is fantastic!, thank you.


I have been a patient for almost a year.A few months ago my chronic back issue became worse. I suffered from lumbar herniatiob to 3 discs, trochanter bursitis, severe bilateral pirformis syndrome.i was unable to work,sit and perform many of my activities of daily living. I underwent extensive therapy at physiocare. ..ranging from accupucture, osteopathy, chiro, massage and physiotherapy. I have been so pleased with the results ….after only 2mths of treatment i am now back to work pain free. Having all the specialties under one roof made it easy for me to recieve treatment and also they are able to coordinate my treatment plan together. The approach is “hands on”.Everytime i recieved treatment i felt improvement. The atmosphere is so welcoming feel like you are part of the family .starting from the receptionist to the therapists. All the therapists are extremely knowledgeable. There are many modalities that were used in my treatment such as decompression, graston, shockwave, laser etc. I am so happy with the care and will continue to go there for all my health needs.


Angela Mowatt
My Doctor recommended me to this Physiocare centre.. Due to aching Knees..I have been going to Physiocare Whitby since November 2016.
The physiotherapist here are extremely patient and helpful. Dr.Ghada, the main physiotherapist, to help me with my knee care, has been a tremendous help and resource for me..she provides the resources and tools for me when I am not available to come all the time.
Excellent work! To the whole team at Physiocare Whitby.
Thank you!!


Alfred Garvey
Physiocare is a very good clinic and my experience with them is great. I used to go there for physiotherapy , massage and osteopathy . Very clean , professional and spend at least one hour with patient every session . The good thing also is they open evening and weekends. Ghada is a great and knowledgeable physiotherapist . I highly recommend Physiocare for any body who is looking for any of these services.


Kristie Figgens
My experience at Physiocare has been amazing. From day one I felt as if the whole team truly cared about my well being. Ghada is a wonderful, caring physiotherapist and has been dedicated to helping me through my recovery post-accident. She makes me feel comfortable with every treatment and is always willing to listen when I need to talk.
My massage therapist, Jenelle, is incredible. Her treatments always make me feel better than when I came in and she really adds a personal touch. It’s as if she knows exactly what I need every time I’m in there. She is also very knowledgeable about the various muscles and tendons and how to relieve tension and pain.
After a bad experience at a different clinic with my previous chiropractor, I was hesitant to ever go to another one. Dr. Amanda really changed my opinion. In my first visit she spent more time with me than my previous chiropractor had in 6 months worth of visits! She explains everything and really listens to all your concerns. Her various treatments have been really helpful in managing my pain.
The Physiocare team really feels like family. I would recommend them to anyone!!


Orin Bristol
I’ve had the same excellent RMT for the last five years (Roxhannah) following her from spot to spot, where ever she ended up. Finally she’s landed at a place that is as amazing as she is. Clean, friendly staff and incredibly accommodating. I would definitely suggest Physio Care Whitby to anyone looking for next level service and care.


J Baxter
Gamal and his incredible staff run a full service clinic that goes the extra mile to ensure the wellness of their patients. They look beyond what brought you into their clinic to solve the underlying problems and ensure that your recovery is complete. I highly recommend their clinic for all your needs.


Naomi Melamed
Amazing service. Very friendly staff. I keep coming back.


Sabrina Khayek
My mom went last year after she got into a car accident within a short time they had her back on her feet. The staff were amazing and extremely professional and took care of all billing and dealt with the insurance company so that she didn’t have to worry about a thing. Their facility is clean, modern and up to date. 10/10 do recommend!

Chelsea Panchan
I have been going to PhysioCare for years now and enjoy my experience every single time. The therapists there are caring, helpful and very knowledgeable. My RMT (Jenelle) knows what she is doing and I love how she makes me feel every time I walk out of the facility. PhysioCare is an amazing place for any of your needs.

Bhayiravi Karalamoorthy
A great place to go for chiropractor and physiotherapist needs. Amanda works wonders for the back and Ghada has done an excellent job on my knees! This place comes highly recommended!


Nayab N.
You will not find a better multidisciplinary clinic with more caring staff than PhysioCare. I worked here as a receptionist for almost 2 years before taking time off for school, and I can honestly say that Ghada, Gamal and the team here felt like family.

I used to get frequent adjustments from Dr. Amanda, and have gotten massages from Roxy and Natasha. All the therapists are very knowledgeable and really love their craft. They take the time to get to know their patients and form treatment plans to aid in patients’ recovery. Can’t recommend them enough!


S Dufty
Gamal and his team of professionals go above and beyond to make sure you are are getting the proper treatment you need to feel better. They are knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend their services!


Adam Wilson
Nivirt takes great care of my injured elbow. Friendly staff, convenient location, and great hours.


Nimo B
Physio care is Such a great place and amazing team . The therapists are very kind , helpful and knowledgeable . they all have very high skills as well as such high end equipment such as Graston technique & Shock wave therapy etc all under the same roof!! Physio care is a very modern place and they use the best equipment. I have always got great results and have been welcomed warmly by the staff. I highly recommend physio care to everyone !


Ali Kanoun
I worked at phyiso care physiotherapy for my placement in preparation for university. As someone inspiring to enter into a medical background i thought that working on hand with patients was a great way to prepare myself before getting involved. I was surprised to find the environment to be so welcoming. It was clear how long the people there had worked in simple love for there job. There were so nice to me even though it was my first time working in that type of environment which made the experience all the more enjoyable. the head physiotherapist is an amazing person to receive treatment from and to work with. she is very informative and makes things easier for me to comprehend. the massage therapists there are amazing at making sure they tackle what is wrong with precision and accuracy to ensure that you feel good every time. i recommend going to Physiocare first whenever you have an injury.


Sabahat Zahra
It’s everything someone would need alongside good treatment; there’s a friendly and comfortable atmosphere that’s calming and encouraging, they are highly professional and organized and they are dedicated to their members of clinic. Not to mention, there’s good hygiene and cleanliness. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone that’s looking for excellent service.

Marcelo Cruz
I went to Physiocare after a motor vehicle accident in 2014. They worked with my insurance company to make the whole process a breeze.

I had to do physiotherapy and massage therapy and I saw a chiropractor a few times as well. They were so good – I recovered so quickly thanks to them. Because my job is a labor intensive one, I continue to go to Physiocare to stay on top of my health. They have helped me prevent anymore work related injuries since then. Thank you!