There is no other system in the world that is comparable or gets such outstanding results.
Director, Laser Therapeutics of Southern Arizona – Tucson, Arizona

The results were astonishing! I had my first “BioFlex Low Intensity Laser Therapy” treatment and left the office pain and drug free.
-J. Jackson – Toronto

After 2.5 years of attempting to find relief from my sciatic pain problem, today I have NO pain… I had extensive chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment over the past 2 years… It was disrupting on the golf course and while I was performing my usual activities during the day. It even disrupted my sleep… What follows is truly amazing! After three treatments, I could sleep through the night without pain.
-G. LeRiche

Within two weeks…of the laser therapy, I was able to bend down a couple of inches. By 2 months I was able to actually bend down and touch my shoes. It’s almost been a year since my last treatment and no pain has returned…I am now able to lie on my back, sit and walk without any discomfort.
-A. Ahmed

“I was diagnosed with discogenic pain in my lower back after a skiing accident. After only 6 treatments with BioFlex Laser I have regained 95% of normal function and my pain has gone completely.”
– C. Mika

“After a single [Laser Therapy] session, I found almost 90% recovery and improvement. After 3 more sessions, I had close to 100% remediation and felt only a slight dull ache during the most aggressive activities out west – the Super G, GS and SL.”
-C. Sadler

I no longer need pain medication and I can walk over one km as compared to 300 feet prior to treatment… you will never know how much you have changed my life.
-G. Hatch

I was suffering from arthritis of the back, shoulders and knees. Following BioFlex Laser Therapy all of my symptoms have cleared up. I no longer require medications. Moreover, I now feel better than I did in my 40’s and 50’s.