How Does Arthritis Affect You?

4.5 million, or 1 in 6 canadiand aged 15 years and older report having some form of arthritis.
Two thirds of those affected with arthritis are women.

Arthritis costs the Canadian economy more than $33 billion annually.

Among all the causes of disability in Canada, arthritis ranks first among women and second among men.
60% Of people suffering from arthritis are under the age of 65

Conventional Approaches

The pain of arthritis holds millions of Canadians back from performing routine daily activities such as walking, enjoying a round of golf, gardening, or even playing with their grandchildren.
Conventional therapies focus on pharmaceuticals with serve to mask symptoms and often have adverse effects. Problems with arthritic medications such as Vioxx, documented in The New England Journal of Medicine,  have led many sufferers to seek safer alternatives.

How Can BioFlex Laser Therapy Help?

BioFlex Laser Therapy is a safe, effective and painless therapy that relieves pain, increases joint mobility, reduces inflammation around the joints, and regenerates new cartilage.
In over 3,000 scientific studies, there have been no reported side effects of using Laser Therapy, making it a non-invasive and non-toxic alternative to commonly used arthritic medication.
The BioFlex Laser Therapy Solution has helped Canadians, from everyday people to elite athletes, conquer pain and get back to the activities they enjoy the most.